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Our mission statement - what drives us? Why are we Luftwerker (“air workers”) with heart and soul?

Aeronauts and air workers are adventurers. They are curious, eager to learn and passionate. They are not content with what others have already experienced. It is their motivation to discover new things and to develop what has already been discovered, to make possible what was thought to be impossible.

Working in the air and with fabrics that envelop the air requires a particularly close relationship to quality and safety because this often decides on success or failure, unclouded experience or nightmare. That is why we have been a steady partner for many years for aerospace pilots, artists, exhibitors and many more, with whom we have successfully implemented projects over the past decades.

Your success and your safety are near and dear to us!

We have been operating as a registered aviation company in Lübeck since the mid-1990s. Since 2002, we also have been an aviation company approved by the Federal Aviation Office. For many years, we have also been working with fabric in many other fields of application.

Our customers, quality, punctuality and safety are our top priority.

Please try it.

We look forward to getting to know you and your projects.

Trade since 1995, we have been on the move in the air. We check the airworthiness of balloons on the ground. Our competence is space enclosed by air, which we also have conquered in other areas over the years. A team of engineers, technicians and trained specialists is working on this.

Based on our knowledge and quality standards, we sew inflatable objects of all shapes and sizes for our customers.

Your contact

Robert Meyknecht is a graduate engineer, L3H examiner, aviation expert and passionate pilot for balloons and airships. He founded the company in 1995. His passion for adventure and his entrepreneurship have always motivated him to turn to new topics and projects. For him, quality and safety are always central.

+49 451 40 08 50

Felix Dickenberger holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in logistics and trade. Since our lighthouse project "The Floating Piers", he has become an integral part of the team and is responsible for the organization and implementation of projects at Luftwerker.
He coordinates all internal and external processes and monitors the operational implementation. In addition, he has a pilot's license, which makes him an integral part of our aviation crew, in both balloon and airship operations.

+49 451 40 08 5 15

Frank Zinkler is a Part 66 L3H examiner for hot-air balloons, an L4H examiner for hot-air airships.
He is a master technician of motor vehicles and a balloon pilot. He has been leading our workshop with heart and expertise for many years.

+49 451 40 08 5 14

Ballooning is in Christian Kalousdian’s blood. He comes from a Brazilian hot-air ballooning family and so, from an early age, he could marvel at the world from the air. He is a passionate pilot – no matter if he is on the move with passengers or in international competitions. Every balloon ride is still as exciting for him as the first one.
At Luftwerker, he is the quality manager for the maintenance company / CAO and as a pilot he still loves to ride around our many passengers at all locations.

+49 451 40 08 5 12

Sascha Donitzky is a trained typescript editor. He has many years of professional experience as a production manager in advertising agencies and digital printing companies.
At Luftwerker, he is head of the production area and, together with his team, he is responsible for sewing pattern development, packing and the precisely tailored production of all our products made of fabric.

+49 451 40 08 5 24

» Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. «

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