Aeronautical engineering

The Luftwerker have been an approved aviation company for hot-air balloons for more than 20 years. Since 2002, we have also been a maintenance company for hot-air balloons authorized by the Federal Aviation Office. Since 2009, the Luftwerker have received an authorization from the Federal Aviation Office to operate and maintain airworthiness (CAMO).

We work across manufacturers. In our maintenance organization, we are a sales partner of the balloon manufacturer

Kubicek Balloons. 


Only the best for our customers!

Three certified examiners of the categories Part 66 – L3H to L4H – are available throughout the year for the legally required airworthiness review on hot-air balloons and hot-air airships. In our maintenance facility, that is equipped with the latest technology, we check balloons and airships for their airworthiness and carry out all necessary maintenance measures on the aircrafts.

Maintenance & Repair

For your safety and that of your passengers

Our certified experts are specialized in the repair of fire damage and rips, the complete replacement of porous panels,the installation of rotary valves and the renewal of parachutes of all common balloon patterns. We pay attention to quality and precision and diagnose your aircraft by inspecting every component in our fully equipped workshop.

Basket-work, renewal of leather elements, floor panels or support cables are carried out professionally. Regular burner maintenance and cleaning as well as necessary repairs to burners are routine interventions that we carry out according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Do you have an airship?

We are the first point of call for this, too. Engine maintenance, repair – or even its replacement – are part of our range of services as well as work on the airship gondola. Maintenance and repair of inflation ventilators, improvement of the air flow and installation of propeller protection devices complete the range of services.

Parts and More

The team is also available to our customers for spare parts procurement and advice on aircraft transceivers and transponders.

Please contact us.


10-year inspection of propane tanks

In cooperation with TÜV-Nord, we are authorized to check your propane tanks and to carry out the necessary maintenance measures.
After the test, our customers receive the test document from TÜV-Nord and an EASA Form 1 as a release certificate.


Combined Airworthiness Organisation
In order to support aircraft operators in complying with legal obligations in the best possible way, we can undertake the resulting tasks for you. The scope of services is laid down in a contract with our customers.

Aircraft Maintenance Program (AMP)

The maintenance program of the operator of a hot-air balloon or hot-air aircraft describes the necessary maintenance measures, among other things, on the envelope and its components, on the basket, nacelle, burner and propane containers.

We can work out and authorize this maintenance program for privately operated aircrafts. Aircrafts used for commercial purposes have to be authorized by our certified CAO.

Valuation and Expert Opinion

Would you like to buy a balloon? On request, we create valuation reports for the sale and the purchase of hot-air balloons, hot-air airships and their components. We work with national and international authorities, insurers and other clients.

Our services in the field of balloons and airships:

  • Technical reports
  • Damage assessment and findings report
  • Aircraft rating

We prepare expert reports for aviation insurances.


Keeping up with the Development

The Luftwerker have been an approved aviation company for hot-air balloons since 1996. We have also been an authorized maintenance company for hot-air balloons since 2002.

The owner and passionate pilot, Robert Meyknecht, has been expanding his expertise in working on aircrafts year after year. The company has been developed from a provider of hot-air ballooning in the 1990s to a fully equipped and certified maintenance company / CAO for hot-air balloons and hot-air airships, which can offer its customers a complete range of services around the aircraft.


Your contact

Frank Zinkler

is a Part 66 H3 examiner for hot-air balloons, an H4 examiner for hot-air airships.
He is a motor vehicle master technician and balloon pilot. He has been leading our workshop with heart and expertise for many years.

+49 451 40 08 5 14