Product Overview

Over the years, we have developed several inflatable products that are easy to handle due to their light weight and small transport size.

The geo AIRroof: A roof over your head when work or products need protection against the influence of weather.
The geo AIRwall: Effective privacy shield for people or products, protection against unwanted insights into situations that demand privacy.
The geo AIRdancer: An eyecatcher for everyone who would like to draw attention to a product, a company or a location.

Have we caught your interest?
Please do not hesitate to contact us! Seek advice from our experts on the options of application and implementation.

Face Masks / Makeshift Masks

We use our spare capacities to help deal with this exceptional situation. Therefore, you can also purchase makeshift masks now. The masks are equipped with rubber bands and a wire.


Our all-rounder for outdoor use:

  • Set up in a few minutes
  • Can be handled by 2-3 people
  • Shelter against wind and weather
  • Individual dimensions and expanse
  • If required: material with fire safety certificate


The privacy shield for mobile use, developed by experienced emergency personnel.

  • Set up in a few minutes
  • Shelter against wind and weather
  • Small pack size
  • Several colours and designs at choice
  • Inexpensive
  • Length: 18 m - 90 m


Let amazingly moving objects dance for your advertising

An extremely light and yet stable fabric is set into motion by a fan. The air dancers are not inflated, but they are kept in motion by air draft. They have a high level of attention and positive charisma and they particularly show to advantage where space for large advertising is missing, e.g.:

  • in entrance areas
  • at trade fairs and exhibitions
  • at events
  • sales areas outdoors

Event umbrellas

Our event umbrellas for your use

  • Weather and sun protection for weather-dependent outdoor events
  • Can be used flexibly
  • Made of durable material
  • With or without advertising print
  • Different sizes


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