Custom-made Products

We develop inflatables precisely in line with your ideas. Here is an example of how a picture of a dog turned into a very beautiful and exclusive set.

Special shape Top Dog

The idea:
In memory of his beloved four-legged friend, a musician wants to integrate him into his stage design and take him on his next tour.

An agency approached us with the wish to manufacture an inflatable in the form of a sitting dog. A photo of the dog was used as reference. The inflatable was supposed to be as close as possible to this photo. The size / height of the inflatable was predefined; in addition, the artist’s wish was an airbrushed, not printed, fabric so that the object becomes the best possible facsimile.


  • clarification of terms with the customer
  • Visual creation of a first draft as a 3D rendering
  • Delivery of various fabric samples to the airbrush artist
  • Approval by the customer
  • Production of the object

To set up an inflatable safely and stably, it is usually mounted on a plate. This plate is suited to the basic form of the inflatable.

After the fabric parts have been sewn together and the blower has been mounted on the plate, the inflatable is inflated for the first time. After a successful test setup, everything is packed and sent to the airbrush artist. There the dog gets its "final coat of paint" and then goes on tour, exactly as the artist intended.


A picture of the dog breed Shiba Inu served as a reference for the development of the inflatable. The artwork was created by the Luftwerker on the basis of this graphic.


The parts were cut out on our cutting plotter. Afterwards, our employees added each piece of fabric together with the sewing machine in order to form the dog.

Finished product

In the final stage, every inflatable at geo undergoes a quality check and is delivered ready to inflate to the customer.


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