Prototype Construction

Do you have an idea for a new product made of fabric?

Take advantage of our many years of experience in processing fabrics and foils. With the Luftwerke you have an experienced and reliable partner at your side.

Example task:
In the event of a traffic accident, victims ought to be protected by a privacy shield, which can be set up quickly and easily in an emergency.


  • quick, plain setup
  • small pack size
  • light weight
  • Suitable for every emergency vehicle
  • easily expandable
  • weatherproof


  • Brainstorming with the customer
  • Discussing the possibilities and the feasibility
  • Visual creation of a prototype
  • Implementation in an object

After successful testing, we present our prototypes to the emergency personnel.

Here you can learn more about the final product.

Quick and plain Setup

After the necessary tests, the prototype can be set up by two people within few minutes.

Here you can find a short video of the construction of the AIRwall.


Small Pack Size

The AIRwall is designed to fit in all types of emergency vehicles.

The picture shows the final pack size of the prototype and the two blowers, that can be purchased with the product, depending on the desired performance.

Flexible Configuration

No rescue situation is like the other. That is why the AIRwall is built in such a way that it can be adapted to different situations. Both the length of the wall and its configuration can be changed.

The picture shows the crosspoints to which additional wall segments can be connected. The total length of the AIRwall can be extended up to 90 metres.

Here you can learn more about the final product.


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