For Agencies and Events

There are always good reasons why you are doing something. One reason is enthusiasm. Our Luftwerker team shares many years of experience in the field of technology of hot-air balloons, hot-air airships and gas balloons as well as their envelopes made of fabric. Our team members have in common a fascination for everything that can be built out of fabric or can be covered in fabric.

Production, technology and sales from geo - die Luftwerker stand for quality by conviction.

For your event and your customers

we manufacture any form of banner, for use on the ground or in the air,
envelope the air and build spectacular inflatables that also can take off, and

do not leave you and your guests out in the cold. Because: Since 2012 we have also been producing high-quality event umbrellas.

Please feel free to contact us and arrange a non-binding appointment with our team.

We look forward to meeting you!

Balloon and Airship Advertising

Your products and services on the up

Balloons and airships are ideal advertising media for your advertising message. They attract a lot of attention and appeal to the emotions of viewers and passengers.

Use our various possibilities to put your message in place.


Advertising that fits like a glove!

A fabric banner is a flexible advertising medium that you can use to promote your company, your product or your service again and again at different locations and occasions. In advance, we create a true-to-original sample for you. The banners are made to order in our workshop.

Product Replicas

Your product as an inflatable advertising object

Would you like to present your product in a different way? In this case, an oversize replica (Inflatable) may be the solution for you.

In our Inflatables section, you will find many suggestions for inflatable advertising objects in various shapes, colours and types. Get inspired and please contact us.

We can create a preview and submit an offer to you by request.

Event umbrellas

Well-protected in all weathers!

The Luftwerker offer event umbrellas with a diameter of up to 40 metres. They consist of highly solid materials and are individually developed and manufactured for outdoor events. They can also be digitally printed with pictures and texts.

Have we sparked your interest or do you have further questions? Please contact our experts.

Your contact

Felix Dickenberger holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in logistics and trade. Since our lighthouse project "The Floating Piers", he has become an integral part of the team and is responsible for the organization and implementation of projects at Luftwerker.
He coordinates all internal and external processes and monitors the operational implementation. In addition, he has a pilot's license, which makes him an integral part of our aviation crew, in both balloon and airship operations.

+49 451 40 08 5 15