For Artists and Architects

Art and precision - a combination of love for fabric!

For many years, the Luftwerker have been creating art objects made of fabric together with well-known artists, museums and exhibition organizers such as

Christo, Tomas Saraceno, Maurizio Cattelan, Numen for Use, Blenheim Art Foundation, Gasometer Oberhausen, Neon Dance.

In addition, we have already designed spectacular backdrops and sets for numerous theatres and opera houses, including:

Hamburg State Opera, Athens State Opera, Baden State Theatre, Oslo Theatre, Sofia State Opera, Ljubljana Opera. 

We always engage in exciting tasks and challenging technical questions -  each assignment is unique.
Projects are developed in accordance with the ideas of the artists. The technically and also aesthetically flawless implementation takes place at a time defined by the artist. 

Our engineers, technicians and fabric specialists are thoroughly acquainted with the material. They are so well acquainted with its possibilities and applications that most of the visions can be implemented according to the requirements. Sometimes a new idea can also arise in a conversation between the artist and our experts.

Your creative ideas are in good hands with us and they will be treated with absolute confidentiality until the object can be released.

Please feel free to contact us and make a non-binding appointment with our team.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Art projects

Art out of fabric!

For many years, the Luftwerker have been creating art objects made of fabric with and for famous artists and those who want to become one.

In this way, we have also accomplished the largest inflatable in the world to this point, the „Big Air Package“. Furthermore, we also supported the „Floating Piers“ installation by Christo from project planning to technical implementation.

Have a look at pour projects and be inspired. Everything is possible!




Art objects made in Lübeck

From the largest moon on earth to an air-filled package (Big Airpackage) to a walk-in Union Jack: You can find artworks made by geo - die Luftwerker in many exhibitions around the world.

Everything is possible!

We even turn the Matterhorn upside down!

Using the Matterhorn as an example, we show you what an "art project made by geo" bedeutet.


Stage Designs

Since we have been working with artists and stage managers for many years, we at geo know exactly how important quality and precision are when it comes to the realization of aesthetic concepts on stage.
That is why we are at your side from the planning to the premiere. We manufacture exclusive fabric designs for you that your audience will not likely to forget in a hurry.



Art objects

We develop and create individual objects for artists and architects.

References: Pabellon WALK&TALK , Net Blow,  String BratislavaVoid Seoul


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Robert Meyknecht is a graduate engineer, H3 examiner, aviation expert and pilot. He founded the company in 1995. He has always been driven by adventure in connection with the technical knowledge of successful aviation. For him, quality and safety are always central.

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