Big Air Package

Christo was one of the most important artists of our time. In recent years, Christo and Jeannne-Claude have created fascinating works of art in different landscapes and cities around the world that have moved millions of people. In 2013, the Luftwerker were able to realize the first piece of art for Christo in the Gasometer Oberhausen.

94 meters high, 50 meters in diameter and 184,000 cubic meters in volume: The “Big Air Package” was one of the largest sculptures in the world. Not only could you look at this imposing work of art from the outside, but also experience it from the inside. One could be absorbed by the calmness and the unique charisma of the object.

The sculpture is an artistic expression of the preciousness and vulnerability of our atmosphere, which surrounds, protects and keeps us alive every day. According to the artist's idea, the visitor was supposed to experience the work in the interior as a “cathedral” of air.

The “Big Air Package” is made of a mother-of-pearl white fabric that hides the most valuable material on earth: the air.  For about a year, the design and manufacture of geo - Die Luftwerker have worked on creating the art object made of 20,000 square meters of fabric and 4,500 meters of rope according to the precise specifications of the artist. They could install it in time for the opening of the exhibition in March 2013.

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