Balloons as Advertising Medium

Your products and services on the up
Use the hot-air balloon as:

  • Mobile advertising media in portable use
  • exposed communication medium with high attention value
  • marketing tool with positive perception
  • Attractive eye-catcher at trade fairs, exhibitions and major events

We support your corporate identity with your product in the sky.

You have the idea, we have the solution. Please contact us.​​​​​​​

Hot- air Balloons as Advertising Medium

Attract Attention

We provide you with every piece of information about how you can use a balloon as a marketing tool.
How is the balloon operated? What are the costs?
We present you attractive business models - from regional to worldwide fields of application.

Products with special shapes:
We also offer balloons in specific shapes that are based on your product, for example.

We have been organizing and operating advertising with hot-air balloons for 20 years.

Advertising Banners

We customize for you advertising banners and „double skins“ for use on balloons and firmly anchored balloon systems, that fit like a glove!
With the help of in-house specialist software, we convert design templates to the different geometries of the fields. For cross-field graphics, we calculate seam allowances and prepare them for printing.
The advertising messages can be applied to the balloon banners by sewing in or on ripstop nylon, or by digital printing. A simple velcro / fleece connection positions the banner in place.

Your contact

Robert Meyknecht

Robert Meyknecht is a graduate engineer, H3 examiner, aviation expert and pilot. He founded the company in 1995. He has always been driven by adventure in connection with the technical knowledge of successful aviation. For him, quality and safety are always central.

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