In November 2022, the cockpit of the U.S.S. Progroup was realized in Leipzig.

The cockpit had a diameter of approx. 100m and offered the guests a view into the depths of space through a spectacular stage construction.

This created a unique setting for the company event of Progroup AG.


Learn more about the project here.


The tetrapods are filled with air, manufactured at geo in Lübeck and can float fantastically thanks to their "breakwater" shape. Their appearance is inspired by the concrete breakwaters in harbours or coastal areas. The BYCATCH project was designed by the artists from Berlin Abie Franklin and Daniel Hölzl. 

The artists wanted to use the tetrapods to draw attention to coastal protection and the influence of humans on nature.

The artwork is walkable and is not only meant to be fun, but also thought-provoking.

"Art has the role of providing access to very complex issues in an easy way. So let´s get out there and feel the wind and the water!"

Abie Franklin, artist.


The first exhibition after the extensive renovation of the gasometer shows the beauty of nature and the influence of human beings on their environment. "Das zerbrechliche Paradies" takes visitors on a visually stunning journey through the turbulent climatic history of our earth and shows in impressive, award-winning photographs and videos how the animal and plant world changed in the time of the Anthropocene.

The Luftwerker are proud partners of the Gasometer Oberhausen at this exhibition. 


Photo and text by: Gasometer Oberhausen & Thomas Machoczek 

The Pyramid by Kamel Louafi

A temporary art installation - a pyramid - in the middle of the city. What is it meant for? For who is it intended?


His temporary artworks are world-famous, his drawings coveted and his career is impressive. Christo is a man of passion and a part of modern art history....

Victory is Not an Option

In October 2019, the exhibition “Victory is not an option” by Maurizio Cattelan could be visited at the venerable Blenheim Palace...


Balloon Envelope Redesigning and Application

From the start, "geo-Die Luftwerker" did a very professional job here, it started with the detailed quotation and ended with the punctual registration of the balloon with the LBA. And all this in spring, when it is very busy in the sewing rooms. We were informed about all project steps the whole time and the result is impressive, no wrinkles, fluttering webs or forgotten thread. For us, this was a perfect job.

Thomas Lepperhoff, Member of the Club BSC Reichshof, 25.01.2021

Big Air Package

New project with packaging artist Christo. geo - Die Luftwerker is building again one of the biggest airspaces in the world in the Oberhausen gasometer.

CeBIT 2017

A precision work from Lübeck shone out at CeBIT 2017 in Hanover. We were able to create a special composition of magenta umbrellas on more than 5,000 square metres above the stand of Deutsche Telekom. In this way, the digital transformation became tangible for visitors. As in previous years, Telekom not only impressed with its products and services, but also with this innovative stand concept. The floating magenta flower with a diameter of 50 metres, which was also built by the Luftwerker, proved to be a particular eye-catcher and popular photo subject.

The biggest moon on earth

The biggest moon on earth in the Gasometer Oberhausen, the first major project by the Luftwerker for the exhibition area in the steel cylinder.

The Floating Piers opened to the public!

Just in time, on June 18th, 2016, Christo opened his artwork "The Floating Piers" to a large fan community for a walk across the water.

Blow Up Yokohama

For the Viennese artist group "numen-for-use", the Luftwerker made an air-filled, comprehensible and walkable large inflatable in Japan.

  • Length: 10 m, width 6 m, height 5 m
  • Volume approx. 300 m³
  • Security gate with double chamber
  • separate air-filled rain roof
  • inside tightly wound nets
  • Material high-strength polyester, fireprotection class B1
  • Construction, sewing pattern development and production

Der Berg ruft (“The mountain calls”)

On March 16th, 2018, the new exhibition in the gasometer Oberhausen "Der Berg ruft" (“The mountain calls”) was opened.

Our unique multimedia Matterhorn sculpture (43 x 30 x 17 metres) was once again the highlight of the exhibition. Months of planning and technical projection with a large team of experts as well as interaction with authorities on safety and statics have paid off and gave the visitors a spectacular insight into the world of mountains.

You can see how it all came into being here.

You can find a YouTube video here.

For current exhibitions click here.

Major project in Central Asia

EXPO 2017 Pavilion Kazakhstan

In 2017, we had again our hands full with a major project in Central Asia. For the EXPO in Astana, the Luftwerker designed and built a 13-metre sun ball in the Kazakh Pavilion. The sun stretched over two floors and visitors could enter through two revolving doors. The inside of the ball became a mega-screen onto which great images and videos were projected. It was an incredibly exciting and challenging project on which we as a team proudly look back.


26th Warsteiner International Mongolfiade 2016

The Luftwerker now also work with airships

When getting started with the service of hot-air airships, the Luftwerker decided to set a good example. In 2016, the air workers were seen on the Mogolfiade with their own advertising message in the sky above the Sauerland. A visible start for the operation of our airship division.


Advertising on the airship

An airship employment in Manchester / UK during the Manchester City vs United football derby.

On the Luftwerker’s airship was a 21 x 9 m banner with advertising for the new partnership between Tinder and Manchester City. On two days, we were able to fly around the Etihad Stadium by airship and delight fans and clients with the advertising message in the sky.

CeBIT Telekom

Our services:

  • Realization of "Umbrella Management"
  • 2,100 golf umbrellas
  • Diameter 180 cm, 8 segments
  • Construction, sewing pattern development and production
  • Material polyester, magenta, fire protection class B1

A drop that is not rain

This specific shape is a very special kind of balloon, with which the manufacturer has been successfully promoting a cleaning agent for years.

Wonders of Nature

Exhibition "Wonders of Nature"

Feel like Neil Armstrong and see the most beautiful planet in the solar system through his eyes at close range. The Earth, made by geo-Die Luftwerker, makes it possible!

The centre of attention in the exhibition was again an object by geo-Die Luftwerker. The guests could already convince themselves of the beauty and the technical precision of the globe made of fabric at the vernissage on March 10th. From then on, all visitors were able to see the greatest wonder of nature with their own eyes from different perspectives and understand what the earth looks like from an astronaut's point of view.

Together with the presentation of spectacular images from space, this exhibition once again was a great success with a record number of visitors. It was extended by 12 months due to the strong demand.

Flowers in the sky of Azerbaijan

... this was more or less the request of three well-dressed gentlemen who suddenly entered the office of Luftwerker in Lübeck in autumn 2009. As it later turned out, the governor of Baku was among them on behalf of the president.

» References are better than 1,000 sales arguments. «

                                                                    Martin Limbeck



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