His temporary artworks are world-famous, his drawings coveted and his career is impressive. Christo is a man of passion and a part of modern art history. For years we’ve been working with him and he embossed and inspired our company in many ways. We are saddened but at the same time proud to realize the last artwork and years of wish of the recently deceased artist in autumn 2021: wrapping the monument of Paris, L’ Arc de Triomphe.

Already our third big project with Christo. In 2013 we realized the world biggest interior air-filled sculpture in collaboration with Christo, the„Big Air Package“.

Three years later his wrapping art lead us to Lago d’Iseo, in Italy, where we assembled the 100.000 square meters of orange fabric for „The Floating Piers“ and realised the installation on site.

In Luebeck the preparations for L’Arc de Triomphe run in full speed even though the complexity of the intralogistics and the weight of the fabric let us face some obstacles.


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