Service Station

In Europe, balloon fiestas and competitions such as the European hot-air ballooning championships take place every year. Pilots sometimes travel hundreds of kilometres to participate in the competions and they invest a lot of time and money for safe, high quality equipment. An envelope damage or a technical problem with the burner can often spell the end for the event for the entire crew.

The Luftwerker have a solution for this!

We can carry out repairs to hot-air balloons and hot-air airships at any location with our Mobile Service Station, an inflatable service pavilion (AIRroof).

Our service team is also happy to participate in your event. Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss a possible implementation.

Service on the Fly


                in Partnership with the Ballon-Sport-Club Reichshof e. V.


  • From 2nd to 10th September: Warsteiner Internationale Montgolfiade

               in Partnership with the Warsteiner Happy Ballooning e. V.



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