Service Station

In Europe, balloon fiestas and competitions such as the European hot-air ballooning championships take place every year. Pilots sometimes travel hundreds of kilometres to participate in the competions and they invest a lot of time and money for safe, high quality equipment. An envelope damage or a technical problem with the burner can often spell the end for the event for the entire crew.

The Luftwerker have a solution for this!

We can carry out repairs to hot-air balloons and hot-air airships at any location with our Mobile Service Station, an inflatable service pavilion (AIRroof).

Service on the fly - service on tour:

  • Repairs to envelopes, baskets and components
  • Airworthiness review including ARC (EASA Form 15b)

We are happy to conduce to the success of your events and wish you now:

Many happy landings!

Our service team is also happy to participate in your event. Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss a possible implementation.



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