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Bergisches Land

Do you live in the Bergisches Land / Sauerland / Ruhr area / Cologne or nearby and need an ARC for 2021?

The geo team comes to you!

We are planning a technical weekend in Eckenhagen, on the grounds of the Ballon-Sport-Club Reichshof, in order to perform airworthiness reviews of balloons and their components.

Regardless of the weather conditions:

We will perform the airworthiness reviews on open field or in case of bad weather in the sports hall "Am Bromberg". The access to the sports hall with trailer is possible.

The event will take place during the Pentecost vacations. From Saturday, the 22nd until the Monday 24th of May. On Sunday, the 23rd of May, the Ballon-Sport-Club Reichshof will also offer a barbecue.

On-site services:

  1. Airworthiness check: balloon envelope, basket, burner and pressurized gas tanks.
  2. Inspection of the AMP (Aircraft Maintenance Program)
  3. Weighing (weighing report)

Repairs on balloon envelopes, burners, baskets and gas tanks are not foreseen for the time being - but possible after consultation or quantity of the number of participants.

Are you interested and do you want to know about the prices?


Limited number of participants!

Contact us and arrange an airworthiness reiview for your balloon until April 15, 2021 at the latest.

*Our offer is subject to possible restrictions by Corona.*