Captain on the bridge!

An important change in the management was imminent at Progroup AG. This was to be communicated to the employees within the framework of an event in Hall 1 of the Leipzig Trade Fair.

Zweiplan GmbH was commissioned to create the appropriate framework.  The theme of the evening was spaceship/space travel.

In short, the captain hands over to his successor.


For this purpose, an extensive show program was presented to the guests. The exhibition hall itself was transformed into the cockpit of the U.S.S. Progoup.

Our part of the cockpit was the so-called "Wing", the overhead structure of the stage had a span of 38m and a height of almost 8m.

The four-ton construction was suspended from the ceiling.


Our contribution was completed by the 9m to 11m high curtains that formed the walls of the cockpit.

In the entrance area, the fabric was printed using a digital printing process.


From the inquiry to the installation in Leipzig, we had a planning time of three months.


We received significant support from Büro für Leichtbau Tritthardt + Richter and Ackermann GmbH.


Our service

- Planning and design

- Preparation of a verifiable static calculation

- Fabrication/assembly

- Assembly and disassembly


Key data:


- Dimensions 38m width x 8m depth x 7m height

- Substructure made of wood

- Suspension on a truss system

- Covered with 1000m² fabric


- Height 9 -11m

- length 315m

- Area of the curtains approx. 3000m²

- of which 400 m² digitally printed

- Suspensions on a truss system


Project management Luftwerker: Felix Dickenberger

Many thanks to Zweiplan GmbH for the good cooperation.


A project of Zweiplan GmbH.

Client: Progroup AG

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Creative direction: Alexander Hennig, Zweiplan

Project management: Alena Hölting, Zweiplan

Production management: Felix Möhrle, Zweiplan

Set construction management: Alexander Kottmüller, MKR Munich

Content production: Ani Sophia Est, Zweiplan


Photo by "Zweiplan GmbH, Ralph Larmann".