Balloon Envelope redesign and Artwork application

In February 2020, the Ballon-Sport-Club-Reichshof e. V. approached us: it was not about the sale of a new balloon envelope, but the redesigning and registration of an existing Kubicek balloon envelope from the club.

The club found a new sponsor and the application of the artwork had to be done in two different patterns on the equator. Both sides featured important partners for the Bergisches Land: the Bergisches Land Nature Park and the Naturarena Bergisches Land, the marketing organization of the Rheinisch-Bergisch and Oberbergisch districts and of four municipalities of the Rhein-Sieg district.

Their goal: the European Regional Development Fund - project "All inclusive" - create tourist infrastructure for all and offer barrier-free balloon rides.

Artwork Planning

The first step was to fit the different designs to the balloon envelope. The Luftwerkers received the balloon envelope and started working on it. All the fields onto which parts of the new logos were supposed to be sewn, needed to be measured exactly. After determining the field dimensions, all elements of the artwork were applied accurately using special software.

Fabric Preparations

After final approval of the design, it was sewing time!

Preparing the fabric includes separating the fields from the balloon envelope, ordering fabric from the manufacturer, cutting and positioning the fabric parts.

Installation of Rotation Vents

The original balloon envelope was not equipped with rotation vents by the manufacturer. Since a special basket equipped with a seat shell was to be used, the envelope also requires rotation vents. Such structural changes must be approved by the manufacturer - which of course happened: the Luftwerkers received the approval.


Finally, a complete inspection of the equipment, including test inflation of the balloon, was carried out, which the aeronautical engineers were able to certify with an EASA Form 15c.

As the last step of the project, the aircraft needed to be certified at the German Civil Aviation. With a clear and effective consultation and compilation of all necessary documents, the Luftwerkers certified the balloon D-OREI and delivered it on time for its inaugural flight.

The balloon envelope is from 2008 and it was neutral. The envelope should now be provided with advertising on two sides. The large-area sewing of the advertising should be avoided as far as possible because of occasional Nightglow applications. So the task was to unravel about 60 fields, if possible, sew in the artwork and then sew the panels back in. Not a job that really arouses enthusiasm. Then there was the installation of the rotation vents. From the start, "geo-Die Luftwerker" did a very professional job here, it started with the detailed quotation and ended with the punctual registration of the balloon with the LBA. And all this in spring, when it is very busy in the sewing rooms. We were informed about all project steps the whole time and the result is impressive, no wrinkles, fluttering webs or forgotten thread. For us, this was a perfect job.

Thomas Lepperhoff, Member of the Club BSC Reichshof, 25.01.2021