The biggest moon on earth

The biggest moon on earth!

This was Luftwerker’s first project on behalf of the Gasometer Oberhausen and THE attraction at the exhibition in the centre of the steel cylinder with a height of 115 metres.

We designed and built a cold air balloon on which showed the surface of the moon. The moon, consisting of 160 individual parts, made “Sternstunden - Wunder des Sonnensystems“ (Hours of Wonder of the Solar System) a unique exhibition about space. The monumental moon sculpture hovered freely in the air at the Gasometer and could be admired in all its fascination from the galleries and the ring. The images originate from NASA's Clementine mission in 1994, during which a large part of the lunar surface was recorded. These were prepared by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Berlin and were perfect for the implementation of the project.


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