Balloon and Airship Advertising

Airship Advertising that fits like a glove!
We manufacture banners for our airship customers according to their wishes and their requested measures. Measurement, printing, manufacture and the perfect customization according to the shape of your aircraft are just as much a part of our services as the competent advice for the design and the material.

If you would like to see your advertisement in the sky only once for a campaign, simply rent the space on one of our airships.

Balloon advertising that is above it all!
We customize for you advertising banners and “double skins” for use on balloons and firmly anchored balloon systems.
With the help of in-house specialist software, we convert design templates to the different geometries of the fields.
The advertisement can be applied to the banner by sewing in or on ripstop nylon, or by digital printing. A simple velcro / fleece connection positions the banner in place. Your advertisement can soar into the air!


Use the hot-air balloon as:

  • Mobile advertising media in portable use
  • exposed communication medium
  • Attractive eye-catcher at trade fairs, exhibitions and major events

and grant your product and your corporate identity an uplift.

Products in special shapes

A balloon that looks like your product or that visualizes your service? Yes, that is also possible. Bottles, cans, packaging, figures and much more...

Here you can find out more about a ballon as an advertising medium. 

You have the idea, we have the solution. Please contact us!



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