Face mask / makeshift mask

We use our spare capacities to help deal with this exceptional situation. Therefore, you can also purchase makeshift masks now. The masks are equipped with rubber bands and a wire. The masks are handmade in Lübeck. With every purchase you will receive a 20 Euro voucher for a balloon flight.*

You can choose between different patterns and colours. We also offer masks for children.

(Cactus, feathers, flamingo, dots, light blue, anchor dark / light, plant leaves)

We sell the masks in packs of 5, 10 and 50.

5 masks = 37.50 euros plus 2.50 euros shipping

10 masks = 70 euros plus 2.50 euros shipping

50 masks = 340 euros plus shipping

We are also happy to produce individual designs. (Company logo etc.)


If you are interested, please send us an email to info@geo-dieluftwerker.de.

We need the following pieces of information from you:

Last name, address, design, desired quantity,

You will then receive all further information regarding payment and shipping from us.

Collection and payment directly from us at the production facility is also possible. Please contact us first by phone or email.

Non-returnable for hygienic reasons.

Take care and stay healthy.


Instructions for the use of face masks / makeshift masks

Note: This face mask / makeshift mask is not a medical product.


Barrier protection when exhaling

Multiple use possible

Can be cooked **

Not suitable for microwaves.

No certification - not medically or otherwise tested

For everyday use only

We recommend washing the makeshift mask before using it for the first time.

* Only one voucher per booking can be redeemed.

** The makeshift mask is a wearout item that can lose its shape and its effectiveness after a few washes.


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