Here you will find everything from complete systems to individual components and accessories for balloons. The listed equipment is checked by our maintenance workshop and is ready for use.



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  • Manufacturer Cameron Balloons Ltd
  • CB303 / 120-133 O
  • Category G
  • braided bottom
  • year of manufacture 1998
  • good condition
  • checked by our maintenance company (Form1)
  • Complete price with Sirocco burner €5.550 plus VAT

Unit price €2.500 plus VAT


  • Manufacturer Cameron Balloons Ltd.
  • CB 2698 / Sirocco double burner
  • Category B
  • Year of manufacture 1999
  • Flexi Corner Sockets
  • not height adjustable
  • no "Double Action" operation
  • very well maintained condition
  • major burner maintenance carried out (all parts cleaned in ultrasonic bath incl. fins, all gaskets renewed)
  • burner hoses are renewed at purchase the connections are freely selectable
  • checked by our maintenance company

Unit price €3,200 plus VAT 



  • Manufacturer Worthington
  • Cylinder type Standard DOT-4E240
  • Connections Tema
  • year of construction 1991
  • well-kept condition
  • 10-year test according to manufacturer's specifications carried out in October 2020

Price single Cylinder € 420 plus VAT


  • Basket: Schroeder V/5
  • Burner: Schroeder FB V
  • Gas cylinder: Schroeder VA 50

Balloon envelope (SOLD)

  • Manufacturer Cameron Balloons Ltd.
  • Model N-105 (2.974m³)
  • Year of manufacture 1995
  • two rotating valves
  • Smart-Vent (RDS) Discharge System
  • Colorful colors
  • Advertising inscription three times in the equatorial area "RHEINGAS
  • Operating hours 609
  • good used condition
  • Airworthiness review at purchase new


BASKET (sold)

  • manufacturer Cameron Balloons Ltd.
  • CB3050-4 // 90-105 O
  • category: E
  • year of manufacture: 1996
  • good maintained condition
  • checked by our maintenance company (Form1)


  • manufacturer Cameron Balloons Ltd. 
  • CB579/ MK4 Super Double
  • category: B
  • year of manufacture: 1991
  • double hose system Rego//Dynaquip
  • flexi Corners
  • good maintained condition
  • checked by our maintenance company (Form1)


  • 3 units double burner Magnum Superseal B3T-100
  • category : B
  • year of manufacture : 1992 / 1993 / unknown
  • without burner hoses
  • well maintained condition
  • function test carried out by our maintenance company


On request the burners are delivered with a fresh burner maintenance and new hoses. The connections are freely selectable. Then also with Form1.
Prices on request.



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