Hot-Air Airship

In cooperation with the manufacturer, we create your desired design and, at your request, also have the aircraft approved by the Federal Aviation Office. The hot-air airship can be controlled by a drive motor and a control surface at the tail. Unlike a hot air-balloon, it can therefore be launched and landed at the desired locations. In this way, your advertising message remains visible at the desired location.

Only trained and certified specialists carry out all maintenance and repairs in our technically excellent equipped company. Three class 3 inspectors are on hand to help and advise our customers.

Technical data of a 4-seater airship

  • AS 105 GD four-seater
  • Volume: 3,000 m³
  • Over-all length: 41.0 m
  • Diameter: 12.8 m
  • Lifting weight: max. 900 kg
  • Crew: pilot plus three additional persons
  • Flight time: approx. 1.0 h
  • Max. Speed: approx. 40 km / h
  • Cover material: hyperlast
  • Burner Cameron: 2x Shadow
  • Rotax drive: 582 UL, 65 HP
  • Propeller Helix: H50F, 4-blade, CFRP
  • Aircraft radio: e.g. B. Dittel KRT2
  • Flight instruments: e.g. B. Flytec 3040
  • Transponder: e.g. B. Garrecht Avionik Mode S


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